July 23, 2013
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Let’s use the supermarket as an analogy. When you buy food at a supermarket, you’re buying it through the supermarket. It serves as the middleman between the producer or manufacturer and you, the consumer. Having that middleman in the equation means you don’t have to worry about logistical issues like product placement, competitive pricing, and so on.

Carry this model over to the world of IT and you essentially have mobile middleware. It has to do with central information resources which the user can draw data from for their own purposes. You usually see these resources in the form of groupware, messaging applications, CRM or sales force automation tools.

These kinds of applications are ideal for limiting access to certain sets of data to certain groups of people. You wouldn’t want all of the employees in a company to have access to all the company’s data. Mobile middleware gives you the ability to hide the complexities of certain mobile environments.