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Enola Labs is a healthcare technology consulting company in Austin, TX. As a team of highly senior architects and engineers with vast experience in the healthcare sector, health tech consulting is in our DNA. Unlike most healthcare technology companies, our team combines industry experience with unmatched technical expertise. This allows us to navigate nearly every aspect within a healthcare environment.

Our Technology Toolkit

Enola Labs is comprised of technology pros with expert knowledge of modern tools and services that help enable our clients with solutions focused on speed, security and scalability. We believe focusing on a core set of cutting-edge services and utilizing exclusively senior US-based engineers and healthcare solution architects provides our clients with an exceptional experience and a world-class end product. See below for a snapshot of our technology toolkit:

Elegant Solutions to Tough Technology Problems

At Enola Labs, we enjoy listening to a company’s exciting ideas to innovate within the healthcare industry. Using our industry experience, we are able to provide guidance on the right approach while matching that with our deep knowledge of regulatory standards such as HIPAA, ICD-*, HL7 and FHIR. We take these ideas and help companies turn them into execution excellence.

Whether you are creating a new healthcare technology solution or are optimizing current workflows and processes, we have the right health tech consultants to help guide you along the way. With a fully US-based team located here in Austin, Texas we provide unmatched quality in health technology consulting and development services in areas such as:

Population Health Management

Population health management (PHM) refers to the use of business intelligence tools employed to aggregate data on a group of patients. This data is utilized to track a group of patients with the goal of improving clinical health outcomes while lowering healthcare costs.

Payment Optimization

Healthcare delivery is costly in the United States. Optimizations in several processes can help drive down these costs for providers and recipients of healthcare delivery. Bundled payments is a system where health care providers are paid for expected costs of care or per clinically-defined episodes of care. Our health tech consultants have experience in bundled payments, from data driven clinical process improvements to CMS bundle management optimization.

HIPAA Compliance

Ensuring HIPAA compliance can sometimes be difficult for those trying to innovate within the healthcare industry. HIPAA is the law that requires patient data to be kept confidential and outlines rules that healthcare professionals must follow in order to keep patient data safe. As innovators within the health tech space work to lower costs and change the ways in which healthcare is effectively delivered, they sometimes run into legal issues with HIPAA. Our health tech consultants will work to help you achieve HIPAA compliance from the onstart of you project, including secure implementation of HIPAA compliant on-premise and cloud SAAS.

HIPAA-Compliant Deployments on AWS

As AWS certified architects and consultants, we have helped several businesses build and/or launch their solutions through Amazon Web Services (AWS). A question that commonly arises is whether deploying on AWS can be HIPAA compliant or not. Because we have a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and are also AWS certified architects, we often recommend architecting and deploying software through AWS. AWS has specific cloud architecture models for organizations that need to achieve HIPAA compliance, ensuring the highest levels of security and quality assurance.

Reducing Costs for Healthcare Delivery

Our health tech architects and consultants have worked with several healthcare systems and startups on their journey toward reducing costs for healthcare delivery. Our expertise in the healthcare system has allowed us to consult health tech companies and researchers on the best ways for reducing emergency room events and improving preventative care.

Technical and Software Architecture Strategy

Technical and software architecture is a critical building block to any development project, especially in the healthcare space. A software architect is vital to defining a solution that will meet the technical and operational needs of your business goals. A technical and software architecture strategy helps ensure all key stakeholders are on the same page, setting parameters and expectations for the project.

Big Data Solutions

Enola Labs deals with all of the big data challenges, ranging from algorithm creation and optimization to informed decision support systems. It is vital that data be processed and understood in a way that makes the data actionable. In the healthcare industry, big data can make a big difference for consumers and healthcare delivery, so Enola Labs works to create actionable insights utilizing this data.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Our Austin app developers provide a depth of experience in mobile app development on all major platforms and languages. We have created countless mobile applications, several specifically in the healthcare industry. Enola Labs is unique in that we have senior health tech consultants that are on the project from start to finish, helping bridge the gap between key stakeholders and developers so that the final product is compliant and positioned to be successful in its market.

Healthcare Web Development

Healthcare web app development services require deep experience in both engineering and healthcare. The health tech team at Enola Labs has led the development of web applications in all major platforms and languages. Just like our mobile app development process, our web development team has created several elegant web solutions for established companies and startups in the healthcare industry.

Custom Medical Software Development Services

In addition to our web app development and mobile app development services, our healthcare consulting firm has led the development of custom medical software. Custom medical software development requires a highly senior technical team of engineers, architects, designers and consultants. Enola Labs has a robust team of individuals with the vital healthcare experience necessary to create elegant custom software solutions.

UX/UI Design

Drawing on industry best practices and deep knowledge in the health tech space, our UX and UI designers create both patient and provider-centric solutions for healthcare clients. Solid UX and UI design are essential in making your final software product easy and engaging to utilize. Our UX and UI teams are highly senior and have worked to create intuitive and attractive interfaces.

Orchestration and Integration of Data Interoperability

Data systems must be able to exchange information back and forth in what is known as data interoperability. It is important to achieve data interoperability especially in healthcare, where the data can have significant impacts on the well being of patients. Enola Labs has experience optimizing data interoperability in healthcare settings, helping companies achieve the highest level of interoperability. This highest level of data interoperability goes beyond data being exchanged and ensures that data can be utilized and understood as well.

Expert Health Tech Resources

The Austin health tech consultants at Enola Labs can serve as an expert resource for your business in many other areas beyond those defined above. With expertise in many other areas ranging from inpatient care to home health, our health tech team can help your healthcare business create smart, scalable solutions to real problems.

About Our Healthcare Software Consultants

Supporting our healthcare consulting practice is an engineering team with years of industry experience challenging the existing paradigms in healthcare IT solutions. We’ve worked on projects such as medical device integrated software solutions and have provided services ranging from healthcare application development, web development services, systems integration and big data solutions. Our healthcare software company experts are passionate about the solutions they provide and it shows in their work. We focus on simplifying outdated user experiences and providing secure, scalable solutions to some of the toughest problems facing the healthcare industry today.

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