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With the latest technologies in iOS app development, the team at Enola Labs is prepared to make your idea for an iPhone application a reality. We offer top-rated Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone app development services in the U.S. Our mobile development team has experience creating iOS applications for a variety of industries including healthcare, energy, financial, education and government. We work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small venture-backed startups.

Top iOS App Developers in Austin, TX

Whether you are looking for top enterprise iOS developers in Austin or are seeking strategy and tactical execution, Enola Labs has professionals ready to assist you in making your iPhone app ideas a reality. Unlike most app development companies, we do not outsource our work to other countries who will do it for less. We rely 100% on our US-based iOS team to take care of every aspect of your iOS application development project. With all of our developers based in the U.S., we bring an added level of quality assurance and expertise to every project.

iOS Mobile Application Development Services

As one of the top iOS app developers in Austin, our team of experts will focus on designing and constructing elegant solutions based on up-to-date design trends with rock solid backend functionality. We create easy-to-use, world-class user experiences for our clients through strategic software architecture and beautifully designed user interfaces. Utilizing our iOS development firm ensures you receive exceptional quality, creative ideas, and seasoned engineers for every project.

Enola Labs provides a comprehensive set of iOS application development services to our clients throughout our development process. Some of these services include:

Software Architecture

Software architecture is critical as it defines a solution to meet the technical and operational needs of your iOS application. Our software architecture team kicks off every iOS development project by crafting system specifications and technical roadmaps. These provide the necessary components that will lead the rest of the team to a smooth development phase. Software architecture is a vital component of the iOS application development, as it will set parameters and mutual understanding among our development team and all other stakeholders in the project.

Mobile App UX/UI Design

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) define how the user will interact with your iOS application. Enola Labs understands the importance of crafting elegant designs focused on serving your target users. Our Austin-based UX designers create intuitive designs that will keep your users engaged with the mobile application. Our team has created both consumer and enterprise iOS applications and we understand the nuances and design patterns expected by both users.

iOS Mobile App Strategy and Deployment

Enola Labs has been creating iOS applications since the beginning of mobile apps. Our unparalleled experience in developing iOS mobile app strategies will ensure your application stands the test of time. The iOS mobile app strategy will begin before the development phase begins, ensuring the entire process and deadlines are all documented for key stakeholders. It will continue to be important throughout the mobile app deployment stage, ensuring a smooth rollout of the iOS mobile app and an effective app marketing strategy to encourage user adoption.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance takes place at every step of the iOS app development cycle at Enola Labs. At Enola Labs, we start quality assurance as soon as development begins, and continue quality assurance checks well after the app is deployed to the Apple App Store. QA testing is vital for catching any bugs or glitches throughout the development process, rather than users finding them and having a negative experience with your mobile app.

iOS Staff Augmentation Services and App Developer Resourcing

Additionally, Enola Labs offers iOS staff augmentation services and app developer resourcing. If you already have an iOS team on board but need some more senior resources, we have senior iOS developers that can augment your team to get your project complete. This is typically necessary when businesses decide to work with an offshore development team, as timelines are often not met and development work is not up to par. Our U.S. based iOS developers can help get your project back on track with the highest level of quality assurance. We can also help you build an iOS team—utilizing our senior engineers to source local talented iOS developers to come work for you.

Apple Watch App Developers

​Enola Labs is proud to be one of the few Apple Watch app developers in Austin, TX who are able to bring your ideas to life. Whether you are looking for an extension for your iOS app or a ground up solution, our Apple Watch app developers have deep technology expertise in platform standards and our design team focuses on user centered designs that create impactful and meaningful experiences. We focus on creating an incredible Apple Watch user experience, and manage all aspects of software architecture, design, deployment, and marketing.

FAQ About iOS App Development

How much does it cost to develop an iPhone app?

The cost of an iPhone app will vary depending on the functionality, design requirements, and several other factors. A simple mobile app with limited functionality might run anywhere between $35K and $75K whereas more advanced and complex iOS apps will easily run over $100K. Once a development company has more information on the requirements of your iOS mobile app idea, they will be able to give you a more accurate quote for your specific project.

Should I choose iOS development or Android development?

Choosing between iOS and Android entirely depends on the market you are trying to target and your goals for expansion. While iOS is slightly more popular than Android, it is obviously in a company’s best interest to have the app available for both platforms. A hybrid app may be the most cost effective choice for this. Developing a native iOS app and a native Android app will be much more expensive, but ideal for more complex applications. We typically recommend starting with native iOS app development if hybrid app development is not ideal.

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How long does it take to make an iPhone app?

iPhone application development time will vary depending on the functionality and design requirements of your mobile application, as well as if it is a native app or hybrid app. When you schedule a consultation for your iPhone app development project, our engineers will be able to create a more solid timeline for iOS development once they have additional details about the project.

Who should an iOS development team be comprised of?

An iOS app development team should be comprised of the following people, as well as additional resources if needed, depending on the scope and timeline of the iOS project:

  • Solutions Architect: Performs technical analysis and/or prototypes in order to provide System Design and Architecture recommendations.
  • Senior Engineer: Software Engineer(s) responsible for implementation of the iOS Application.
  • Interface Designer: Provides the User Interaction and visual designs for the software products.
  • Quality Engineer: Performs test cases and creates bugs based on feature testing. Ensures quality of all deliverables.
  • Senior Project Manager: Manages project to schedule, budget, and feature set. Creates and maintains requirements backlog and project plans. Serves as Client’s primary point of contact.

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If you have an idea for an iPhone application, the team at Enola Labs can help make it a reality. Often cited as the best iOS app development companies in Austin, we focus on creating elegant solutions utilizing up-to-date design trends and rock solid functionality. Together, this creates a world-class end product for our client’s users. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our iOS consultants.

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