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The unfortunate truth about your legacy system is that it is more expensive, less secure, and harder to maintain than alternatives that are readily available. Legacy modernization is the process of moving your data from old, outdated methods of data storage such as on-premise data centers, and updating them to fit current business practices and technology, such as the cloud. As legacy application modernization services experts, the architects at Enola Labs are here to assist you with this process. We draw upon extensive experience and industry best practices, especially in the Amazon Web Services space where Enola Labs is a Certified AWS Consulting Partner.

Our Legacy System Migration Toolkit

Our legacy migration services team utilizes our wealth of knowledge in technology and services to enable our customers with modern, scalable, cost-effective solutions. We have a passion for new technologies and pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with the tools we know will help our clients succeed. Below are a few of our focus areas:

Updating and Maintaining Your Legacy System

Updating and maintaining a legacy system can put a huge strain on any internal IT team. Enola Labs has a specialized team skilled in the technical requirements needed to seamlessly update and maintain legacy systems. This offers businesses the benefits of cost savings, greater focus on business services, and a quicker solution than trying to maintain its current state. Based on our deep technical experience in legacy system updates, we utilize best practices to decrease interruption and minimize any business risks.

Cost Optimization

With on-premise data storage, chances are that you are paying more for less of an offering than the cloud provides. With on-premise data storage, you are paying for the physical space, people to upkeep the system, repairs, and have to worry about not using all of your storage—or going over the allotted amount and facing costly fees. With a modernization of your system, such as migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS), you will see substantial cost optimization.

The cloud is typically more cost effective because it offers increased scalability—meaning you are only paying for storage you are actually using. You also need to remember that many legacy systems are just one health event away from failure. The failure of a legacy system is much more costly (both to fix and due to business interruption) than the initial costs of legacy migration services for your system prior to an emergency event.

The architects at Enola Labs will perform a TCO (total cost of ownership) to help your business understand the cost of software modernization services, providing a realistic analysis of what you are currently spending on your system, future forecasting of costs associated with keeping your system as is, and what your costs would look like with a legacy modernization.

Increased Security and Compliance

As many legacy migration firms will tell you, there is simply no safer and more secure platform than AWS. AWS cloud is protected by layers of security built into the platform, guaranteeing a higher level of security than any on-premise data center. AWS invests in the highest possible security and compliance measures, allowing them to meet the compliance needs of medical, financial, and other security-sensitive industries and organizations. As a software modernization firm, we are committed to ensuring all security measures are taken for our customers during the migration process. Security and compliance are always top of mind at Enola Labs.

Legacy System Migration Process

Our process involves the use of our developers and AWS-certified architects with experience in both Direct (hosted) and Optimized (hybrid and serverless) methodologies to move legacy systems into the cloud. The first step for us is to gain a solid understanding of the existing environment so that our team is able to suggest the best method for legacy system migration. The Enola Labs’ legacy modernization process is unique because we take a holistic view of each organization we work with.

Some of the best practices we recommend include:

Understand the Current Technical Environment

Prior to legacy system modernization, there needs to be a full understanding of the current environment. This includes an analysis of the existing IT architecture and knowledge of the performance requirements needed by the specific business. During this analysis, attention should also be given to how people use the existing legacy system, where problems exist, and which parties (technical and non-technical) will be affected by a legacy modernization.

Right Balance of Key Resources

There needs to be support for the new environment as well as the existing environment throughout the migration process. Balancing these key resources will ensure that the existing environment is supported enough to enable success in the new environment.

For a full list of our best practices, download our white paper on Best Practices for Legacy System Migration. This white paper was created by the software modernization company, Enola Labs. Utilize these best practices to ensure a smooth transition.

Our Legacy Application Modernization Company Experts

The Legacy modernization and migration services provided by the professionals at Enola Labs ensure that your data can be seamlessly migrated to an AWS (or other hosted) environment from wherever it is currently being hosted or stored. Utilizing the best practices in AWS and a legacy system migration firm with years of technical expertise will set you on a path for success. Contact us today for a free consultation with an AWS architect.

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