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The Dilemma Faced When Hiring Technical Talent

In today’s technical landscape across the United States, hiring technical talent is one of the most difficult jobs out there. Software engineers and developers are in high demand in nearly every business sector, and in some cities (such as Austin, Texas) there are more open software developer positions than there are engineers looking for a job. This makes hiring technical talent even more difficult than it already is, as most engineers and developers are not actively searching for new jobs.

These technical positions are in high demand, and weeding out the experienced from the inexperienced can be tough for recruiters with little technical background—especially when desperate for talent. As the roadblocks to hiring developers continue to mount, technical staff augmentation is an excellent solution to getting the talent you need.

What is Technical Staff Augmentation?

Technical staff augmentation is the process of having a third party company do all of the legwork behind hiring the technical team members you need to build up your current staff. Technical staff augmentation services are utilized by companies large and small, from early-stage bootstrapped startups to Fortune 50 companies.

Technical staff augmentation provided by Enola Labs is unlike a recruiting service. Our team is made up of software developers, engineers, and software architects who have careers spanning decades at some of the leading technology companies around the world. This means our team has the deep technical expertise to understand exactly what our partners need, thus providing the highest quality engineers specific to their project. First and foremost, we are software developers working on some of the most advanced technical solutions for leading organizations.

Learn more about how our technical staff augmentation process works below.

Our Technical Staff Augmentation Process

Finding the right candidates begins with a deep knowledge of the technical project at hand. If your background is in human resources, management, or recruiting, it can be hard to distinguish the nuances of what makes a qualified technical candidate. It takes the proper balance of recruiting experience and on-the-job technical experience to be able to distinguish a qualified candidate from someone less qualified, not to mention a surplus of time and money to find the right fit.

Our technical staff augmentation process is unique from what recruiters will be able to offer your business because of the huge network of engineers we work with. We leverage the networks our own engineers already have built. Because we only hire the most senior software engineers in the U.S., we trust in our engineers to refer us to other insanely talented engineers in the area. This allows us to reach software engineers that aren’t actively looking for jobs, and present them with the incredible opportunities that your company has available!

Every potential hire is rigorously screened by the engineering staff at Enola Labs, ensuring they have completed technical screenings custom made for each specific role. From there, we are flexible with the needs of our partners. Some companies may prefer to handle the interview process and everything else once we hand over a full pipeline of qualified candidates, while other companies prefer we manage the entire process from candidate sourcing to hiring to their first day on the job.

Whatever works best for your company, Enola Labs will play a pivotal role in the process of securing the top technical talent in the U.S. Our network spans every time zone in the U.S. and we have an especially strong network at our headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Staff Augmentation Pricing

Technical staff augmentation is typically done on a Time and Materials basis. Every software engineer and technical architect will have a different rate. Enola Labs has comprehensive research on the rates necessary to attract top technical talent state-by-state. Additionally, our company saves our partners the large time investment needed to hire engineers, making our services especially attractive for projects that need to start as soon as possible. Contact us to schedule a consultation about your staff augmentation needs and we will be happy to provide you with more pricing information specific to your project.

The Right People for Your Project

Enola Labs has experience augmenting technical teams with highly qualified candidates for some of the top employers in the United States. We have experience filling in the gaps in technical teams and in building entire teams to execute projects that require specific skills across a variety of technologies and services. Utilizing our internal US-based engineering team and our partner company Talos Digital, who offers nearshore and offshore models—depending on our client’s needs, we are able to offer a wide range of services including popular tools and frameworks such as:

Benefits of Enola Labs’ Technical Staff Augmentation

Technical staff augmentation allows for your business to gain a technical team that is ready to hit the ground running, as opposed to going through the entire candidate sourcing process on your own. Our highly trained staff is able to begin producing work for your business with minimal training or time commitment needed on your end.

With the constant struggle faced by leading businesses to source, train, and retain technical team members, the costs can begin to get out of hand. Technical staff augmentation allows your business to drive downtime and costs associated with onboarding a highly skilled technical team in Austin, Texas.

Enola Labs is here to help your organization build the right team to execute your next technical project in a timely and effective manner. Contact us today to learn more about our technical staff augmentation services.

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