What is React?

React (sometimes called React.js or ReactJS) is a robust JavaScript library that is quickly becoming one of the most popular front-end development tools today. React development provides flexibility and powerful performance while streamlining efficiency and reducing development time on projects. Additionally, since React is relatively quick to learn for developers who are already skilled in JavaScript, this tool is also allowing front-end developers to quickly transition to mobile development.

Why Use React?

React is popular because developers can replace a web app by each component, rather than making a large initial investment to overhaul an entire application. React developers also have access to an entire library of development tools, all ready for immediate use. This development library has been booming in popularity, and development shops have been quick to respond by ramping up their staffs with top react developers in Austin and around the country.

React Native Development

React Native allows developers to release robust mobile apps more efficiently than ever before. Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, React Native enables developers to create components in JavaScript that they can then compile into code suitable for both Android and iOS platforms.

React Native allows developers to write one code-base that can not only be easily distributed to iOS, Android or the web, but also have the same final look and feel as if it was created in each platform’s native language. React Native is a framework React developers can utilize to build native mobile applications. From a look and feel perspective, there is virtually no difference between an app built using React Native and a native app built using Objective-C or HTML. Overall, React Native allows for more efficient development of Native applications - apps developed for a specific device such as iOS, Android, or Windows.

React.JS for Web Application Development

ReactJS is highly flexible and modern, making it a great development framework choice for custom web application development. React web applications can be developed relatively quickly thanks to reusable and modular components.

Rewrite Your Existing Website Using React

If you have an existing website that you would like to make more secure and user friendly, the Austin React development company experts at Enola Labs can easily rewrite your existing website using React. This is an excellent option for businesses with an existing website that needs to be made responsive—which is absolutely vital in today’s mobile first environment.

Where to Find the Best Austin React Developers

Top Austin React developers are skilled in a multitude of frameworks and tools, allowing them to seamlessly transition from project to project. Enola Labs has a team of senior React developers in Austin that are ready for your next project. We have worked with large and small companies to supplement their existing engineering teams and are proud to be one of the few React Native development companies in Austin, Texas.

Contact us today to speak with a senior member of our technical team to learn more about React development and how our team can help develop your next project.

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