What was the problem?

Truetakes came to Enola Labs with the idea for Autosnap, an iOS application that unifies the vehicle photo-taking process of automotive dealerships with a simple intuitive vehicle inventory management system and image enhancement tools. This would in turn save dealers significant time in marketing their vehicles and managing inventory.

What did we do?

Enola Labs created an iOS application based on the solutions Autosnap was looking to provide for the auto industry. The app features a main dashboard, settings, user’s billing and payment information, inventory information, and DMS/IMS integration. We also developed a back-end server that unifies the vehicle photo capture and image enhancement process.

How did they benefit?

The Autosnap application allowed Truetakes to grow their business and access an entirely new market. With Autosnap, Truetakes is able to tap into the market of auto dealers who need an easier way to streamline the vehicle marketing process.

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