What was the problem?

B4CC is looking to improve the standards of care and outcomes for cancer patients by creating a geographically dispersed network of surgical oncologists and other specialists to harvest tumor tissue specimens and associated data for the purpose of matching their patients with clinical trials and targeted therapies and for providing more test cases for generalized bio/pharma research. They came to us looking for a partner that could deliver a custom information workflow solution that integrates and augments best of breed software components into one seamless process involving clinical care teams, advanced test labs, and deserving patients.

What did we do?

An Enola Labs solution architect first rapidly understood their process and what makes their approach unique. Then, guided by our healthcare experience and a deep understanding of the B4CC process, the solution architect developed a design that, with some custom code, can leverage several prevalent healthcare software applications into the desired workflow.

How did they benefit?

Enola Labs was able to augment the B4CC leadership team by providing a level of technical leadership within the business process mapping and exploring dozens of potential component solutions, ultimately aligning on target software and the custom solution components.

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