What was the problem?

Cabinet Collection is a leading online provider of cabinets. After transforming their business from traditional brick and mortar showrooms into an entirely online selling space, Cabinet Collection was in need of a new website. Due to the online nature of their business, a clean interface and highly visual elements were necessary to ensure the success of their business operations.

What did we do?

Enola Labs built Cabinet Collection a site from the ground up. This website employed elements such as a visual cabinet gallery and the platform necessary to allow Cabinet Collection to offer virtual technology tools. The UI was dramatically improved, providing a clean and streamlined experience for the consumer.

How did they benefit?

Cabinet Collection was able to effectively cater to cabinet buyers in an online space thanks to their new website. They can now connect with customers regardless of geographic location, provide design consultations, provide quotes and appraisals, and deliver cabinets with their new, optimized platform. Cabinet Collection was able to easily transform their traditional brick and mortar business into an entirely virtual business.

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