What was the problem?

Construction Medicamp (CMC) is a nationwide medical management group that specializes in providing temporary medical clinics to energy related companies to oversee any and all minor medical occurrences that arise on-site. CMC had a need for technical leadership and architecture to formally map out their business process and write a RFP for the desired custom Personal Health Record process.

What did we do?

An Enola Labs solution architect first rapidly understood and helped them map their business process and data flows; ensuring that the entire solution was both HIPPA and PHI complaint. From that understanding, Enola Labs was able to create an RFP for the intended solution that could be sent out to a myriad of possible development agencies.

How did they benefit?

Enola Labs was able to augment the CMC’s leadership team by providing a level of technical leadership within the business process mapping and explaining the more technical elements of the solution. The CMC came away from this engagement with a clear understanding of the technical elements and a solid RFP that was used to find the ideal solution partner.

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