What was the problem?

Food on the Fly contacted Enola Labs with the goal of creating an app-driven business for food delivery in airports. Utilizing the Food on the Fly iOS app, users are able to order food from participating airport restaurants via their mobile device and have it delivered on demand at a user-determined location within the airport.

What did we do?

Enola Labs design and engineering teams went to work crafting a world-class user experience focused on simplicity in front-end operations while connecting to several critical backend API’s that will enable key features and robust data collection. The app seamlessly allows users to view menus, place orders, manage delivery location and more in real-time or prior to their flights, all while continuously tracking their plane’s location to ensure the user’s food is delivered fresh the moment they arrive.

How did they benefit?

The Food on the Fly app is launching soon and will be the first location-aware app with the ability to connect time sensitive departing and transiting passengers by allowing them to place orders in real time or in advance and have their food delivered from their concession of choice. A truly first-of-its-kind concept with the ability to transform the way airports offer dining options to on-the-go passengers.

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