What was the problem?

Hood looked to develop an app that would allow users to control their location reporting, whether it was reported on a state, city, or neighborhood level, and use that information to connect with friends in their area. Based on initial specs, Hood would be the first GPS location-based application that allowed for this level of controlled connectivity between users.

What did we do?

Enola Labs provided expert iOS development and user-centered design tactics to create a beautiful, engaging app that allows users to find and message friends that are shown in their area. Enola Labs provided the location framework for Hood’s GPS attributes, as well as the messaging system and a secure storage system for personally identifiable information.

How did they benefit?

With the development and design provided by Enola Labs, Hood’s vision of a truly connective app came to life in a vibrant, sleek interface. Users are able to take control of their viewable location, as well as find and connect with friends nearby.

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