What was the problem?

Medici is a mobile platform enabling direct contact to your medical providers (doctors, therapists, veterinarians) via chat, audio and video functions in a model where the providers are able to be reimbursed for their consults. They have a HIPPA compliant solution that provides a platform for doctors to manage their patients from anywhere, and allows patients to access their providers from anywhere. Medici sought the leadership and technical process implementation of Enola Labs to guide their technical governance.

What did we do?

With extensive experience within the healthcare domain, Enola Lab’s architecture team provided expert technical leadership and support for Medici, actualizing proven technical and business processes. Working in harmony with the existing technical team, Enola Labs helped to drive improvements and implementations of best practices to ensure solution success and enable company growth.

How did they benefit?

Medici was able to leverage the Enola Labs’ technical leadership, solution architecture and healthcare subject matter expertise to facilitate an evolutionary advancement of both their leadership and technical teams and alignment with corporate initiatives. Enola Labs was able to guide Medici in repeatable technical and business processes and enable greater transparency and maturity within their technical team.

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