What was the problem?

Strapped Cash was looking to develop an application that would allow businesses to provide cash to customers through the convenience of an iOS application. Rather than customers needing to go find an ATM in order to get cash for tipping, Strapped Cash wanted Enola Labs to build an application that would charge a customer’s credit/debit card and in turn provide cash in multiple denominations on the spot to the customer.

What did we do?

Enola Labs built the Strapped Cash application which would be catered toward hospitality establishments. With strong attention to UI/UX, we built the iOS application with the ability to capture credit card information, process purchases, and allow for the vendor to easily track and provide cash to the consumer.

How did they benefit?

Strapped Cash was presented a fully functional iOS application to sell within the hospitality industry. This technology would allow for hospitality employees to easily process electronic cash to tender. Businesses would benefit from not paying high credit card fees, and consumers would benefit from being able to easily get cash in multiple denominations when they need it most.

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