What was the problem?

The Soufan Group provides training programs, security services, and research insights to government and multinational organizations to arm them with the knowledge and skills to prepare for, manage and respond to constantly evolving security needs. The Soufan Group approached Enola Labs with the desire to launch an iOS app catered to their clients to leverage their brand name while providing functional features.

What did we do?

Enola Labs deployed a team of experts to create a native iOS application for The Soufan Group. This project required a heavy emphasis on design specifications, requiring UI and UX expertise. The iOS application we created for them has security features such as client PIN validation and functional features such as live data security feeds. Enola Labs also provided recommendations for The Soufan Group, offering strategies to optimize the platform for their ideal user.

How did they benefit?

Through this iOS application, The Soufan Group was able to effectively leverage their substantial list of newsletter subscribers and provide them with a useful iOS application while they travel. The Soufan Group can now easily update their clients with the latest security intelligence, increasing their effectiveness and service offerings for clients in a more immersive platform.

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