What was the problem?

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services’ Women, Infants and Children’s program was looking for a mobile app that would allow individuals within their affiliation to have more information on their eligible program benefits. By leveraging mobile, WIC hoped to dramatically improve the WIC program’s participants to streamline the shopping experience.

What did we do?

Enola Labs led the program through a discovery process to help them define a possible solution to enhance the overall WIC shopping experience. Leveraging our consultative approach and guided by the discovery phase, Enola Labs provided a design-based prototype application targeting WIC members that allows access to nutritional benefits, vendor information and other critical WIC-related content via their smartphone.

How did they benefit?

The Enola Labs prototype gave WIC a better understanding of member needs as well as a foundation to begin work on an app that will improve their customer service and retention ratings. Through the app, users can locate stores that provide WIC-approved items, locate brands approved through the program, and scan items at stores for detailed information related to the product.

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