October 08, 2015
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Prior to diving in headfirst to developing any hybrid, web or mobile app, a prototype can be a powerful tool. Not only is it critical for early testing and potential user feedback, but it can also be a compelling solution to help leverage your ability to receive crucial early stage funding or decision maker acceptance.

Several mobile app rapid prototyping tools exist today and they typically allow designers to take high quality app visuals and transform them into something that attempts to mimic the look and feel of the final product. Usually these tools take about 10-15 hours of a designers time for implementation and yield a simple functioning prototype.

While these tools can be useful to an extent, choosing HTML to build fully functional prototypes will typically produce a higher quality product in around the same time. Check out our 10 benefits of using HTML to build fully functional prototypes as opposed to typical design prototyping tools:

This article is brought to you by Enola Labs, an Austin web development company that has built fully functional HTML prototypes for companies spanning early stage startups to the Fortune 500. Learn more about our services and if a fully functioning HTML prototype is right for your project.