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Enola Labs is home to a talented group of software consultants in Austin, Texas with experience that spans several verticals and disciplines. We’ve worked with startups and Fortune 200 companies as a technical partner to bring deep insights to organization’s software initiatives. Our technology consultants partner with organizations to provide technical leadership to mobile app projects, web development services, custom software development, cloud-enablement, business architecture and digital strategies.

What Makes us Different

Unlike many software consulting companies, our team leverages years of enterprise integration, technical and business architecture to ensure proper alignment of business goals with the tactical technical execution. Our architects are subject matter experts within numerous domains and bring proven patterns and best practices into every client engagement. We are a team of software engineers first, and bring that expertise with us into our software consulting services practice. We are passionate about modern technology and services and it shows in our work for our clients. See a list of our technology toolkit below:

Our Software Consulting Leadership

Our technical team is headed by Marcus Turner, who acts as Enola Labs’ Chief Architect and lead technology consultant. Marcus is an accomplished analytical and technical architect with a successful track record in the planning and delivery of large scale enterprise solutions.

Marcus’ background includes the development of critical systems architectures and transformation strategies resulting in increased operational efficiency and dramatic cost reduction. After nearly a decade of service as a senior member of Hewlett Packard’s Technical Team, Marcus has worked as the Chief Solutions Architect for companies such as HP Consulting and Atomic Axis.

Enola Labs also boasts a team of talented architects and engineers who work tirelessly to support our clients’ technical needs. Our engineering efforts are enabled through our architecture leads who are handpicked from HP, Microsoft, Amazon and Google Labs environments. Using top architects and engineering talent ensures our clients are enabled with well designed, scalable software solutions that foster transformational change within their organizations.

Software Consulting Services in Austin, Texas

Under Marcus’ leadership, our Austin software consultants provide our clients with meaningful insights on how to make your organization work smarter using the right technology. Our software experts specialize in:

Tech Strategy and Leadership & CTO as a Service

Technical strategy and leadership or “CTO as a service” allows our technical leadership team to come into your business and help define a technical strategy. This is ideal for startups who might not yet have the resources to hire a full-time CTO. Enola Labs can assign the right team member to fit the role and industry necessary.

Software Development Consulting Services

Whether you are just starting a software development project or are running into issues in the middle of the development phase, a software development consult can save your business a lot of time and money in the long run. A software consultant from Enola Labs can help move the software development project in the right direction—aiding in troubleshooting, architecture, or any other challenges your developers are facing. Learn more about our software development team in Austin.

Our team has advanced experience in:

  • Requirements and Systems Analysis
  • Defining, Evaluation and Documentation
  • Technical Leadership and Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Business Process Engineering

Technology Consulting Services

Making high level technical decisions for your company can be daunting, especially when there are so many different options and directions your business can take. A technology consultant from Enola Labs can help take the pressure off of this process. Our team is comprised of skilled architects and engineers whose primary focus is providing elegant yet simple solutions to even the most complex of problems. Often, this is done in parallel with challenging existing paradigms, leveraging best known practices from other industries, and shattering barriers to business evolution and transformation. Our unique approach to strategy assessment and technology road mapping allows us to produce true end-to-end solutions that enable productivity, efficiency, adoption and scalability.

Our technical team is led by accomplished analytical and technical architects including former hp Labs, Microsoft Labs and Google Labs consultants, with successful track records in the planning and delivery of large scale enterprise solutions. Their backgrounds include the development of critical systems architectures and transformation strategies resulting in increased operational efficiency, dramatic cost reduction and significant ROI.

Business Architecture

Internal and external issues within any enterprise tend to stem from weak business architecture. Enola Labs is a leader in technology solutions, but our senior technology consultants are also well versed in business architecture. A business architecture consultant will aid in developing connecting technology to business strategy, defining key stakeholders, creating metrics for measuring success, and defining key business goals.

Solution Architecture

Solution architects address the specific software or IT needs of a business. A solution architect will look at how a software solution is impacting how the business runs, or how it may impact the business and key stakeholders. They are looking at the solution and addressing key concerns of those stakeholders to ensure software solution success.

Mobile Apps and Web

If you are considering the development of a mobile app or web app, it is often a good idea to speak with a technical consultant prior to starting development. A technical consultant can help your business navigate the app development options, from the technical architecture to different functionalities that you should consider. Speaking with a software consultant can help your business avoid costly obstacles throughout the development and deployment phases. Learn more about our app development services.

Deployment Strategy

First and foremost, we are a team of engineers and architects. We have built countless web and mobile apps, managing everything from the planning of the app all the way to deployment. A solid deployment strategy is key to ensuring a smooth rollout and your stakeholders adopt the new technology. Our hands on experience are utilized to consult businesses of all sizes on the most efficient and effective deployment strategies.

FAQ About Software Consulting

What does a software consultant do?

A software consultant serves as an expert source for your business, working in whatever capacity requested by the business in order to solve their most pressing technology questions or problems. A software consultant should have a solid background in software development, software architecture and technical leadership in order to best guide the software decisions of the company they are working with.

What is the difference between a software consultant and an IT consultant?

Software services and IT services are often confused and used interchangeably, even though they are two different types of services. Software consultants have a background in engineering and developing software, therefore they deal more with the technical strategy behind a software development project.

IT consultants on the other hand will have more of a background in installing computer systems, therefore they will be more helpful for businesses looking to install a network or for troubleshooting internal connectivity issues in an office. Look at the technology problems you need to solve to make a decision between hiring an IT consultant or a software consultant.

Who are the software consultants at Enola Labs?

The software consultants at Enola Labs all have impressive careers in various areas of software development, software architecture, and technical leadership. They are problem solvers and love a challenge—but most importantly, they are committed to delivering solutions to their client’s most pressing technical challenges.

Where are your software consultants based?

Our software consultants are all based in the U.S. We believe this is important for ensuring transparency and keeping open communication. While most of our software consulting team and technical leadership is based in Austin, Texas, we also have team members located all around the U.S., with the capacity to travel to clients as needed.

Contact Enola Labs today to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with a technical lead. We look forward to helping your company reach its technology goals this year through our software consulting services in Austin, TX.

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