AWS Consulting Services Partner

  1. What are the Benefits of AWS?
  2. What is an AWS Partner?
  3. AWS Services Available
  4. How does AWS Pricing Work?
  5. How do I Optimize my AWS Services?
  6. How to Start the Move to AWS
  7. How can AWS Consultants Help my Business?
  8. Contact an AWS Consultant

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a highly secure cloud platform. Individuals and organizations can utilize a wide range of cloud services and products through the AWS platform, including but not limited to database storage, content delivery, and compute power. AWS is the leading cloud service provider, garnering more market share than the next three cloud leaders combined. Explore the content below to learn more about the capabilities of Amazon Web Services and how the AWS consulting services partners at Enola Labs can assist your business.

What are the Benefits of AWS?

AWS is dominating the cloud because they are able to offer higher speeds, better security, greater flexibility/scalability and a more diverse product offering than any other competitor on the market. A whopping 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, and AWS is expected to continue to make up the majority share of those instances. Explore some of the benefits to AWS below.

Increased Scalability

AWS will continue to scale as needed. This is a huge benefit to organizations who are unsure of how much computing capacity they need now and in the future and avoids the common problem of overpaying for hosting services or on-premise server space. With AWS auto scaling solutions, real-time metrics are utilized to determine when compute capacity is to be scaled up, or slowly scaled down. In addition, autoscaling offers the unique feature of replacing unhealthy instances—such as a network failure—to ensure the highest performance at all times.

More Cost-Effective Than Hosting Alternatives

AWS is the most cost effective option for the hosting of your website or application. When working with the certified AWS cloud consulting partners at Enola Labs, we will perform a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to illustrate what your monthly costs would look like. With AWS, users only pay for what they use while also gaining access to a diverse set of AWS Hosting Plans and products. This results in significant cost savings when compared to on-premise data centers and other hosting services.

Increased Security

One of the highest priorities at AWS is security. There is an outdated belief that on-premise data storage is more secure than cloud. That is simply no longer true, as Amazon heavily invests in several layers of security for the AWS cloud. These security measures are strict enough to meet the security requirements of even the most security-sensitive organizations and contain all of the most important security certifications. AWS customers receive unparalleled security protection as a part of their monthly cost and utilizing a top cloud consulting company will ensure your data is protected in-flight, at-rest and in-use.

What is an AWS Consulting Partner?

An AWS Partner is a company or individual that has gone through Amazon’s partner training and credential program in order to effectively help clients within AWS. Depending on the level of certification and range of expertise, training and certifications can take days, months, and even years to build an organization that is comprised of experts across the broad range of AWS services. Partners utilize their expertise within the wide array of these services Amazon offers allowing organizations to compare costs and implement these services across an organization.

Enola Labs is proud to be an AWS partner in Austin, TX after years of experience building solutions through AWS, helping clients migrate their data to AWS, and hosting websites and applications through AWS. Our team is composed of highly experienced AWS Certified solution architects and engineers that are ready to provide elegant solutions, and can help your team within almost any project or initiative in the cloud.

AWS Services Available

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a more diverse set of services for customers than any other hosting provider on the market. For individuals and businesses interested in the wide range of technology and services, an AWS consultant can help you determine which set of services and products will best suit your needs. The list of AWS managed services is growing every day, but here are just some of the AWS capabilities and services available to you.


With several cloud computing capabilities under the umbrella of compute services offered by AWS, users are sure to find a high performance compute that meets their needs and budget. AWS offers products such as EC2, which makes web scale computing simple and protects against common failures. Another popular AWS compute product is Auto Scaling, which allows the user to scale their EC2 capacity up or down to meet demand while remaining cost effective. An AWS consultant can advise your company on the type of compute services that will best serve your business. A cloud computing consulting company will be able to assist in forecasting the cloud compute services needed.


Just as the compute power with AWS can be scaled to demand, so can AWS storage. Amazon S3 offers scalable storage in the cloud, ensuring users are only paying for what they are actually using. Other storage solutions include Amazon Glacier (an archived storage system) and AWS Storage Gateway (allows for on-premise application to store data in the cloud).


AWS makes it easier for users to set up, scale, and manage databases from the cloud. Offering several cloud database solutions to meet a variety of unique business needs, the database products through AWS will help you run a more efficient and reliable database than ever before.


Enola Labs’ AWS Migration services ensure that your data can be seamlessly migrated to an AWS environment from wherever it is currently being hosted. Whether your data is currently being stored in a different cloud environment or it is being stored in an on-premise data center, there is an AWS migration process that will ensure a smooth transition and monitoring throughout the process. Enola Labs is an experienced cloud migration consulting company, leading the legacy system migration process for small businesses and large enterprises.

Network & Content Delivery

Deliver data quickly, efficiently and securely with the AWS Network & Content Delivery services. Amazon CloudFront allows for the delivery of this content from the cloud to any physical location connected to AWS. Another option is AWS Direct Connect, which establishes a private network connection between your premises and AWS.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AWS now has artificial intelligence capabilities, allowing developers to incorporate AI into their websites and web applications through AWS. Tools such as Amazon Lex can be used to build text and voice bots, and Amazon Machine Learning can be used to help developers of all levels to build machine learning technology for several applications.


Analyze data with ease in AWS with the plethora of analytic tools available. The analytic tools needed will depend on your specific workload, so an AWS consultant can help you determine which analytic tool will best satisfy the needs of your data.

Security & Compliance

As mentioned previously, security and compliance are at the top of Amazon’s priorities. Several security, identity and compliance tools are available, ranging from user access and encryption management to Amazon Macie, which discovers, classifies and protects sensitive data in AWS using machine learning. Security and compliance is met for all institutions requiring the most stringent levels of security, providing more security than an IT team would be able to guarantee.

Tools for Developers

AWS Developer Tools are services specifically designed for developers and IT professionals to develop within the AWS space. These tools allow developers to adopt the best practices used by Amazon teams to stay competitive. Developer services include private GitHub repositories. CodeBuild to build and test code, and CodeDeploy for automated code deployment.


Build mobile applications directly through AWS Mobile. Providing a variety of mobile development services, developers can build mobile apps in AWS that will be able to scale to meet their customer demands with ease. Offering a serverless backend and immense security features, many leading companies choose AWS for their mobile development and hosting.


AWS offers tools to help developers start programming IoT in their products. For businesses and developers interested in incorporating IoT into their offering, AWS has programmable IoT buttons, a managed cloud platform for connecting devices, and AWS Greengrass for securely running compute.

Game Development

Offering several products for game developers, AWS can provide everything from the building tools to the back end and hosting for your game. Game developers for nearly every platform choose AWS game development tools.

AWS Web Hosting

AWS offers low-cost web hosting services for businesses and individuals looking to host their website via cloud. This cost effective choice offers a higher level of flexibility and price savings than other web hosting options. In addition, AWS offers support tools for developers and key decision makers to ensure the success of the website build or migration.

Serverless Websites

To optimize the cost of your website, many of our clients choose to go serverless through AWS serverless websites. The AWS serverless website is ideal because the architecture enables a “pay as you use” model, and it offers the nearly limitless ability to scale as needed. Instead of overpaying for storage you do not need, AWS constantly scales so that you are only paying for storage you actually need and use.


If you are looking for CI/CD models to improve agility and deliver higher quality builds, then our certified AWS architects and engineers are ready to help. We have successfully architected and implemented CI/CD within AWS in both regulated (e.g. Sarbanes–Oxley) and non-regulated environments. CI/CD enables more agility for our customers, with greater time to market, while still delivering high levels of quality within each build.

Amazon Alexa Skills Services

Alexa is a popular smart home speaker device, allowing users to ask the speaker to perform a variety of functions. Within AWS, developers can now use the Amazon Alexa AWS Skills Kit to create a more personalized experience for users interacting with their brand or service on this device. AWS provides learning materials and information on building Alexa skills to integrate with Alexa.

Once the skill is developed in AWS and ready to go, you can directly host it through AWS so that it is immediately available to customers with an Alexa device. At Enola Labs, we have experience developing Alexa skills within AWS for large organizations, and can provide support throughout the entire process.

Additionally, Enola Labs’ cloud consulting services are useful for determining the AWS services that will be most beneficial for your specific uses.

How does AWS Pricing Work?

Amazon Web Hosting follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model for their services. This model ensures that users are only paying for the services they are actually utilizing. With an immense amount of AWS services available, customers can easily pick and choose which services will be the most useful to their specific business practices and uses for the cloud. AWS has no plans or contracts, and all services scale as needed depending on volume and demand.

Pay Less for Using More

Unlike on-premise data centers, AWS actually gets less expensive per GB the more you use it. These volume based discounts are a huge incentive for businesses that would otherwise be spending a significant amount of money in on-premise data centers when demand rises. In addition, businesses need not worry about underutilizing their allotted storage or going over, as AWS will automatically scale to meet needs while only charging for what is utilized that month.

AWS TCO and Simple Monthly Calculator

The AWS consultants at Enola Labs are prepared to help you determine the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and savings when compared to your current infrastructure. We can also identify an accurate estimate of what your month-to-month costs will look like to help you make your decision.

How do I Optimize my AWS Services?

Perhaps you are already utilizing AWS, but need to know how to optimize your process. Our engineers can step in and help you make the most of how you are using AWS. This may include implementing:

  • Hosted infrastructure
  • CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery)
  • Serverless architecture

Certified Solution Architects

As any AWS cloud consulting firms will tell you, working with a certified solution architect will ensure your organization is taking advantage of all of the available benefits offered when hosting through AWS. Cloud services can also be leveraged for IT tasks, even when you have an existing data center. Below are just a few IT tasks that can be implemented by your organization:

  • Backup - Using Glacier to replace tape backups
  • Data Persistence - Using S3 as the file repository (versioned and unversioned) for a global AWS infrastructure
  • Hosted - taking existing server image and moving it to the cloud

How to Start the Move to AWS

In short, yes, moving to AWS is right for you. It does not matter what kind of institution you are, what your budget is, or how secure you need your data to be, we can almost 100% guarantee that AWS is better for your organization than your legacy system.

If Your Current Environment is On-Premise

If your data is currently being stored in an on-premise data center, you are simply paying more for less services and capabilities than the cloud offers. There are a couple reasons some people choose to keep their data in on-premise. First, they believe that the on-premise data center is more secure, and secondly, they believe the on-premise data center is more cost effective. On-premise data centers do not have the level of security that is afforded by AWS, contrary to popular belief. Amazon invests in several layers of security for the cloud, offering security and compliance to meet even the needs of the most secure enterprises.

If Your Data is Being Hosted With a Different Cloud Provider

If your data is being hosted with a different cloud provider, there are still several benefits to migration. The AWS migration consulting partners at Enola Labs can help with migrating from one hosted environment to the AWS environment with ease. AWS offers higher levels of security and a wider range of services for customers than competing hosting options, this is why AWS is the most popular web services platform.

How can Amazon Web Services Consultants Help my Business?

Cloud consulting companies like Enola Labs can help businesses looking to build, migrate and/or manage their workloads and applications on the cloud. As a professional service firm of trained and certified AWS consultants, Enola Labs helps customers of all sizes with the various aspects of hosting a website or application on AWS. Just some of the areas we provide AWS consulting services for include:

AWS Design

Amazon Web Services offers a variety of design solutions to common issues organizations may face when hosting. With extensive knowledge in AWS design and the solutions and capabilities of this service, our team can advise on the right design solution for your specific workload.

AWS Build

Looking to build a website or application in an AWS environment? Our architects are happy to consult with your team, acting as cloud technology partners to help them through the build process. From troubleshooting to testing, Enola Labs takes pride in helping organizations build on the AWS platform to ensure a scalable and clean product.

Migrate to AWS

The development team at Enola Labs has deep experience in utilizing both Direct (hosted) as well as Optimized (hybrid and serverless) methodologies to help our clients migrate their legacy system into the cloud. Moving to the cloud often helps organizations achieve greater cost efficiency and higher security, allowing the organization to focus on their actual business instead of IT. For those that are already hosting on a different cloud platform or still use an on-premise data center, our AWS migration consultants can advise your team on the AWS migration process. Migrating to the cloud has several benefits, including cost-effectiveness and scalability, all of which our consultants can help you compare to your current system.

Our team can design and optimize the application to leverage AWS resources, rather than utilizing the existing server’s capabilities. With this method, overall cost reduction is achieved with even greater security. As certified AWS business consultants, our architects are experienced in the migration process, ensuring there are no hiccups or delays in service. Having the right team on your side throughout the migration process will be paramount in getting your team up-to-date on the new hosting platform and mitigating any issues during the learning curve.

AWS Management

Enola Labs also provides AWS management services for individuals and businesses utilizing Amazon Web Services. This service is ideal for those new to the platform who will be working closely with the platform and ensures they have the expert point of contact to answer any questions and help with any AWS management concerns.

Contact an AWS Consultant

If you are interested in learning more about what Amazon Web Services can do for your business, then contact the certified AWS consulting partners at Enola Labs. Our engineers and architects are cloud-certified, meaning we have gone through all of the applicable trainings to ensure we can help realize your goals for each project while using best practices for all of the AWS components. Whatever the issues, questions, or concerns you are facing, the engineers and architects at Enola Labs are prepared to help. We are Amazon Web Services experts here to help you troubleshoot your most pressing problems in order to find a solution that works to meet your needs. Learn more about our software development services.

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